Week Number 150

In case you missed the post last week, I'm backing down to three questions and the photo every week in 2009.

Have fun....
1) What is the cause that you believe is the most worthy of all those available?

2) What problem is the most common among people your age?

3) Who do you feel is the most underappreciated actor (male or female) in the history of Hollywood?

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

7 curious comments:

Mrs. P said...

Yay first one of the new year! Go me!

Michelle said...

Happy New year! Mine are posted!


ღ pinaymama ღ said...

mine are up!

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Cat. said...

I'm up too.

ChristiS said...

Got mine up! Happy New Year, folks!

Lilseed said...

oh, I'm late, but here it is!

Chikai said...

my first this year! :)

posted HERE!