Week Number 140

1) When have you been the most silent?

2) Describe your favorite outfit. Why is it your favorite?

3) Think of all the people you know. Now assign one of them to each of the virtues and vices.

4) What city’s character or reputation do you think fits your own personality?

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

Public Domain Photo

10 curious comments:

Cat. said...

I'm up. First on my own meme for a change!

Anonymous said...

mine are up

ღ Pinaymama ღ said...

Mine is up!! http://zmod2z.com/2008/10/curious-as-cat-10.html

Anonymous said...

I played here:


Music Wench said...

Mine's up.


Nancy said...

I'm up- but I moved all my blogging activity to Wild Thorntons
so you will have to go see it there:)

Jeauxdi said...

I'm up! Have a wonderful night! =0)

The Story Of Us said...

I'm done! Late again! Happy Curious!

Michelle said...

Yikes! Sorry I am late. I had a hard time with the vices! Mine are up now


Butchay said...

heres my share for the week