Week Number 128

1) If the Pope promised he'd do one thing you asked, what would you ask him to do?

2) What one experience has strengthened your character the most so far?

3) Of all the people you've ever known, who have you most feared?

4) Have you ever stolen anything, and if so what?

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

Public Domain Photo

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Tere {Blessings in Life} said...

My answers are up here:

Life and Love said...

Happy Monday! I'm done!

Cat. said...

I'm up as well.

Tink said...

Week 5 is now up.

JB said...

I'd answer this on my blog, except I don't know how to transfer the pic...

1. I would ask the pope to ordain women as priests.

2. I think being diagnosed with bipolar disorder has strengthened my character because it has made me more sympathetic to people with mental illness and sort of an advocate for this often-mailigned segment of the population.

3. I feared my brother when I was little, because he was nearly 14 years older than me, and he used to enjoy tickling me and (playfully) spanking me every night he could!!

4. Not other than maybe appropriating a company pen for personal use.

5.She'd look like a goth if she were wearing black (I guess bright red hair is "OK" for a goth, and her makeup looks pretty gothy - so does her collar). She'd probably enjoy shopping at http://www.torrid.com - home of some neat, edgy clothes.

Mrs. P said...

Mine's up, uppity, upper, uppage.
Yeah, it's definitely Monday.

ღ Pinaymama ღ said...

just posted mine!!!!

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Magic on the Rox said...

Hi Cat xx
Just wanted to let you know you've been tagged for a meme at my blog. Let me know if you decide to play!