Week Number 79

Those of you who have been visiting regularly for the past couple of years may know that Kit, who started this meme, hasn't been able to keep it up consistently for various personal reasons. She asked me this summer if I would be willing to take it over from her beginning in the fall. Unfortunately, fall has arrived sooner than either of us anticipated, and her last post was done last week. She will not have access to the internet for the forseeable future, but she's hoping to be back online sometime in 2008. I'll keep you posted as she updates me.

So, as of today, I will be writing the questions all the time. I haven't really had time to prepare, so for the next couple of weeks, things may look "weird" around here. The questions might be a whole lot lighter in content for instance.

For this week, let's just go with some basic Show and Tell stuff. I'm going to post a few pictures snagged from my collection and from the net. Pick one, or two--or all four!--copy it/them to your computer and then tell a story about it/them. Or tell what you thought of first when you saw it. This is free-form, so go nuts!


photo copyright Cat. 2004

photo copyright Cat. 2005

photo copyright Cat. 2005

Public Domain Photo

2 curious comments:

porankowa.mama said...

Done! I hope it satisfies the cat's curiosity :-)
I liked today's meme! Thanks.

Cat. said...

I've posted my own "quick 'n dirty" answers at Sweet Memes.