Week Number Seventy:

What one burden in life do you think should be shared equally by everyone?

What do people like about you?

What is the most embarrassing thing your parents ever did to you?

FYI--this is the last week of school and I may not be able to put any questions up next week as I will be buried with end-of-school events and activities. I will try to do them Sunday morning, but if I can't, I apologize. Have a wonderful two weeks, just in case!

Thanks for your understanding.

5 curious comments:

Gabrielle said...

Up here.

Cat. said...

I yam up. W00t for you, Kit! Hang in there.

TM said...


Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Very good questions. Thank you.

Helena said...

I played today, even thou all I found was last weeks date. I am up.