Questions for Week Number Thirty-Eight:

Finish this sentence: "I have been blessed because _______________ ."

Why is the sky blue?

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Cat. said...

I'm up. Finally.

Lisa said...

I'm up- a day late but hopefully not a dollar short! ;-)

Frida said...

up here, finally :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Cat!

I was doing research on memes and came across your site?!?!?! Anyway... I took a break to answer your questions! I am blessed because I am who I am and am proud to say so...


The sky is blue due to the diffraction of white light as it passes through a prism (in this case water vapour droplets!) That's why the sky is blue, but yellowy orange and red at sunrise and sun set (because the sun is at a different angle) and black when there is no light pressent at all!!! ;)