Questions for Week Number Sixteen:

When was the time when you had to search most deeply for your own inner strength?

If you found a magic wand, what would you do first?

(sorry these are so late this week--May is always nuts for us teachers!)

6 curious comments:

Irishcoda said...

The last time I had to draw deep on my inner strength was when my husband suddenly died. There's no words to describe it.

If I had a magic wand...I would zap away all the fat on my body!

Becki said...

Here's mine all done :O)

Frida said...


Cat. said...

I'm up at http://sweetmemes.blogspot.com Finally. Obviously, no worries here about being late!

Oh Irish: great minds think alike! :-)

Curious Kitty said...

Thanks, all you guys (gals?) for playing!

Have a fabulosamundo week, y'hear?

Anonymous said...

If I found a magic wand I would clone myself.